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Military Teaching Hospital - the biggest in the region

Twenty-one departments, five hundred beds, two hospital buildings and two operating rooms– from now on, the biggest clinical hospital in Lodz is in operation.
The large medical centre arose as a merger of two large hospitals subordinate to the Medical University of Lodz: the Military Teaching Hospital No. 2 and the Gen. Div. B. Szarecki Teaching Hospital No. 5. The hospital will still be performing the function of the Veterans Central Hospital and in the future it is also going to be also the main centre of educating medical officers.

Why did the authorities of the Medical University of Lodz decide to join the hospitals? The actuation of medical action and the financial matters were important factors, but the main beneficiary of the merger are to be the patients: the hospital will be able to admit more people than before. A dermatology department has been incorporated into the hospital and the rehabilitation ward has received 40 new beds for patients with orthopaedic injuries. No present clinic will be liquidated and new ones are intended to be built.
In future, medical officers will be educated there. They will learn medical techniques needed on the battlefield, such as field surgery in difficult conditions – in extremely low temperature or in the tropics. At present, the Polish army lacks 850 medical officers. There are not enough people for national units and foreign missions. The University would be able to repair this deficit in a few years.
The Veterans Central Hospital operates within the new hospital and admits veterans on the spot, without any payment.

The new hospital, which is now named Military Teaching Hospital, Veterans Central Hospital, is one of the largest teaching hospitals in Poland and the largest in Lodz. Currently it has 21 departments, where 320 medical doctors and 460 nurses work. In total, 1400 people are employed. The hospital runs several unique specializations, such as an arm surgery department and an orthopaedic department, where sportsmen and Olympians from all over the country can recover after serious injuries.